Wishlist for this website

I have asked for this domain so we have an unofficial place of our own that we can use to keep in touch internally (one place that everyone can visit to know what is up) and to promote each other;s teams and work.

Here is what I hope to accomplish with this website:

– List all the studios currently in the incubator. If there are studios who graduated, I wish to list them as well. What do you think?

– List all games you have released or are releasing, with links to their store pages if possible

– Blog posts should be a collection of YOUR content as well general, if there i anything to write about (I think there is. For example game jam participation, joined projects etc)

– I would like a calendar or some way to list all upcoming events. This must be very visible so all of you can know well in advance what is coming, and what you have to prepare for if you participate